What is Email Marketing
If you are looking to get your message out to new and existing clients one of the most cost effective way of doing this is through email marketing where you send a message via email to them. This would be sent out on a regular basis to your list informing customers, new and old, about product offers, news etc.

How to Market Effectively
There are companies out there that offer a service where you can use their web based facilities to send and manage your email marketing but these are generally expensive as the costs are based on the number of emails you send. If you wish to email lots of potential customers (to get a good percentage return) the costs can spiral monthly.

A Low Cost Solution
PHPlist is an open source application that manages your client lists, automatically sends emails out in quantities that aren't rejected by your ISP and handles all bounced and undeliverable mail. By law you have to offer potential ccustomers the chance to unsubscribe simple and quickly and again the software does all of this. The software itself is free and the only cost to you is the fee we charge to set the software up.