Pipeline Products Ltd Email Marketing
Pipeline Products are based in Clevedon and currently manage their own email marketing tool installed and set-up by Twilightshift. With a simple web based interface and a choice of templates they are able to send emails to their customers as often as they wish changing the template when they feel it necessary. From their first ever mailshot they received orders to more than cover the cost of the work and are sending emails out on a regular basis to increase exposure and bring in more business.
Web Based Interface

Just log into your web based interface to set up your email frequency, which template to use and which customers you would like to send your emails to.

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Mail Templates

We will set your business up with as many different email
templates as you require for you to use with different product ranges or customer groups for example.

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Ease of Use

The software is extremely easy to use and handles all functions including bounces and unsubscribe/subscribe
automatically. There are no costs once the software is set up.

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