What is Corporate Identity and Branding?
A corporate identity or brand is a logo or branding image and accompanying design elements that are associated with your company or business. Your corporate identity includes a logo, business cards, letterheads, brochures, a company website, as well as many other elements. A solid corporate identity can leave a lasting impression on prospective clients and current clients alike.

Do I need it?
If you contact anyone outside of your company, business or organization, then you need a corporate identity. The true power of a corporate identity is in consistency across all forms of outward communication with clients or customers. Your logo, website, contact information and slogan should be worked into your business cards, letter head, brochures, website and office documents.

I already have one!
Twilightshift can revamp your current corporate identity. Perhaps your business has changed focus, and your original logo doesn't fit with the new one. We can take elements of your old logo, and implement new elements to modernise it.