Printing Costs
We believe in getting work done for our customers at the right price and using the right tools. We do have a number of professional quality printers in-house but due to the limited runs we do, costs can be high. If you are looking for a same day turnaround of say 500 A5 flyers we can produce these at a very good price. If you are looking to larger quantities and higher quality we will use our local printers to take care of this.

Knowledge and Quality
We use a local printer who is part of a national franchise and who's work over the last three years has never once let us down. The quality is second to none and their knowledge of printing is excellent. They often have special offers which as a client we can take advantage of but we ensure we pass these on to our clients.

You pay what we pay
Unlike other companies, we do not add any costs onto our printing that is sourced out of house. Whatever we are charged is exactly what our customers pay. We will supply you with an invoice from the printers with our charges being for design.